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I have always loved running events, but events have a lot of complexity and overhead and financial risk. Booking the hotel, flying in the talent, etc. Then I discovered virtual events. That made it easier, but there was still a lot of tech to work with.

Then, I found EventRaptor that handles the tough parts of the tech, and it was off to the races.

Now I have a number of events in the works. Below are all of my upcoming events and information on if the speaker application is open as well as if you can register.

Are you looking at all of my Awesome Virtual Interactive Events™ and thinking you’d like run your own but don’t want to do the work? No problem! Hire me and I’ll do it all for you. And I do mean allLearn more here.

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JV Connect

The great thing about AVIEs is that interactivity of the event among and around the speakers.

We take that to the next level with JV Connect. This is a dedicated quarterly networking mastermind event. The core program is all around high impact, focused break out sessions where you will make connections, meet partners, and make deals.

For pricing and details, visit

Awesome Virtual Interactive Events

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